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Welcome to SHIDORI

SHIDORI is a yakitori specialty restaurant in Nihonbashi, just a three-minute walk from Kodenma-cho station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line. Hidden in a quiet back street, it’s not the typical crowded, smoky, noisy place you’d expect of yakitori joints.

All ingredients are carefully selected and prepared every morning by the chef owner himself. He’s been performing this ritual for over 35 years. Hand-skewered chicken is grilled over Binchotan charcoal from the Kishu region until it’s crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside.

Come enjoy SHIDORI’s authentic yakitori dishes with Japanese sake. Look for the large Noren-screen with the name of the restaurant printed in black on white fabric.

Facade: large Noren-screen

1st floor: Counter seating

2nd floor: Table seating

Shop Information

Address : 3-13 Nihonbashi-Ohdenmacho Chuo-ku Tokyo
three-minute walk from Kodenma-cho station, Hibiya-Line
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Business Hour : Week day 17:30-23:00(Food L.O.22:00/Drink L.O. 22:30) Sat Sun 16:30-22:00(Food L.O.21:00/Drink L.O. 21:30)
Shop Holidays : Holiday
English menu available.
Credit cards (AMEX, VISA, MASTER, JCB) accepted.


Please email to in English/Japanese.
If you speak Japanese, you can also call 03-3663-4100.
English-speaking staff may not always be available.

Course Menu

Shidori 2,250yen(2,475yen)
SHIDORI’s special
– 8 Yakitori skewers

Manpuku 2,850yen(3,135yen)
A recommended course menu for a big appetite.
– 12 Yakitori skewers

Kiwami-Shidori(stop order) 5,000yen ~
Our best course.

・1 drink・13 or more yakitori・appetizer・small bowl・Tori Soup (chicken soup)

It includes rare parts of the meat that are not included in other courses.
We will continue to serve grilled food until the customer says “stop”.
Prices vary depending on the number of skewers.
Please order this course by 19:00.

* * *

Yakitori Selection

Morsels of chicken and vegetables are skewered and grilled to perfection over hot charcoals. There are two different ways of preparation for Yakitori: The food is either dipped into a sweetish soy-based sauce (Tare) or sprinkled with salt (Shio), before it’s grilled.

Chigimo (liver) 270yen(297yen)
Tsukune (chicken meatball) 290(319yen)
Hasami (alternate pieces of chicken and leek) 290(319yen)
Kashiwa (thigh meat) 320yen(352yen)
Sunagimo (gizzard) 270yen(297yen)
Hatsu (heart) 270yen(297yen)
Seseri (neck) 290yen(319yen)
Bonjiri (tail) 270yen(297yen)
Kawa (skin) 290(319yen)
Nankotsu (lag cartilage) 290yen(319yen)
●Sunayawa (around gizzard) 290yen(319yen)
Tebasaki (wings) 350yen(385yen)
●Jyouteba (upper wings with truffle salt) 350(385yen)
●Hatsumoto (a part of heart) 320yen(352yen)
●Otafuku (thymus) 270yen(297yen)
Sasami 320(352yen)
Sasami (fillet grilled with wasabiyen) 350yen(385yen)
Sasami (fillet grilled with ume-plumsyen) 350yen(385yen)
●Sasami (fillet grilled with Mentai ※pollack roe made in Hakata) 390(429yen)
●Chochin (ovary) 390yen(429yen)
Shiitake stuffed with meat ball 390yen(429yen)
Pepper stuffed with meat ball 390yen(429yen)

Please feel free to ask us. You can choose Tare or Shio.

●…… Limited quality

Grilled vegetable
Green papper 270yen(297yen)
Ginnan (ginkgo nuts) 270yen(297yen)
Nagaimo (Chinese yam) 270yen(297yen)
Zucchini 270yen(297yen)
Shiratama (boiled quail eggs) 270yen(297yen)
Petit tomatoes 290yen(319yen)
Leek 290yen(319yen)
Shiitake 320(352yen)
Asuparagus 350(385yen)
Cheese (Caciocavallo) 350yen(385yen)

Poteto salad 550yen(605yen)
Shidori salad 660yen (726yen)
(Chinese cabbage and steamed chicken served with sesame dressing)

Soybeans (※summer only) 500yen(550yen)
Hiyashi-Tomato 500yen(550yen)
Oshinko (Japanese style pickled vegetables) 500yen(550yen)
Grilled eggplant 500yen(550yen)
Shima-Rakkyo (pickled Japanese shallot) 550yen(605yen)
Cucumber with spicy miso 550yen(605yen)
Cabbage with miso(whole sliced tomato served cold) 550yen(605yen)
Jyakoten(deep-fried minced fish made in Uwajima) 550yen(605yen)
Atsuyaki (Japanese style egg omulette) 550yen(605yen)
Smoked Cheese(home-madeyen) 550yen(605yen)
liver putty(home-madeyen) 650yen(715yen)
Smoked duck ※charcoal grill 750yen(825yen)
Chiken hum (made in Miyazaki Jidori) 880yen(968yen)

Rice menu and Soup

●Shidorifu-TKG (egg sauce over rice) 500yen(550yen)
●Somen (summer only) 500yen(550yen)
Shidorifu-Keihan (Small)480yen(528yen)650yen(715yen)
(chiken rice soup with egg and mashurooms)
Soboro Gohan (Small)480yen(528yen)650yen(715yen)
(chiken rice soup with egg and mashurooms)
Shidorifu-Ramen (chicken soup nudlle) 650yen(715yen)
Yakitori-Don (grilled chicken on rice) 850yen(935yen)
Tori Soup (chicken soup) 250yen(275yen)

●…… Limited quality

Lemon sorbet(home-madeyen) 380yen(418yen)

◎SAPPORO (draft) 580(638yen)
YEBISU (draft) 650(715yen)
SAPPORO (bottle) 690(759yen)
ASAHI (bottle) 690(759yen)
Non-Alcohol 500(550yen)

Shochu Sour / Highball
Plane 500(550yen)
Lemon / Ume-Plum / Grapefruit 530yen(583yen)
Yuzu/Peach/Mandarine orange/Shikuwasa 550yen(605yen)
Oolong tea 530yen(583yen)
Green tea 500yen(550yen)

Jim Beam rocks 470yen(517yen)Higball 500yen(550yen)
Dewar’s rocks 450yen(495yen)Higball 490yen(539yen)
Maker’s Mark rocks 550yen(605yen)Higball 590-649yen

Kurokirishima from Miyazaki pref. Glass 550yen(605yen)Bottle 3,280yen(3,608yen)
Torafukirishima from Miyazaki pref. Glass 580yen(638yen)Bottle 3,480yen(3,828yen)
Kawagoe from Miyazaki pref. Glass 795yen(875yen)Bottle 4,800yen (5,280yen)
Kameshizuku from Miyazaki pref. Glass 880yen(968yen)Bottle 7,480yen (8,228yen)
Shirokouji from Ohita pref. Glass 550yen(605yen) Bottle 3,280yen(3,608yen)
Kurokouji from Ohita pref. Glass 550yen(605yen) Bottle 3,280yen(3,608yen)
Kohaku from Ohita pref. Glass 600yen(660yen) Bottle 3,600yen(3,960yen)
Yoroshiku Senman Arubeshi Glass 650yen(715yen) Bottle 3,980yen(4,378yen)

※Carbonated drinks are an additional 30 yen.

Japanese Sake
Hakushika (warmed) (Small)580yen(638yen)(Large)990yen(1,089yen)
Kikusui (dry sweet, chilled) (300ml)990yen(1,089yen)
Tateyama Ginrei Glass 580yen(638yen)(180ml)680yen(748yen)
Tengunomai (premium sake) Glass 650yen(715yen)(180ml)850yen(935yen)
Kubota Senjyu (premium sake) Glass 690yen(759yen)(180ml)990yen(1,089yen)


(white) Louis Latour Ardèche Chardonnay from France Glass 650yen(715yen)Decanter 1,980yen(2,178yen) Bottle 3,500yen(3,850yen)
(white) Gran Sasso Trebbiano d’Abruzzo from Italy Bottle 3,800yen(4,180yen)
(white) From farm Kousyu from Japan Bottle 5,800yen(6,380yen)
(red) Red Bridge shiraz vioner 2021 from Italy Glass 650yen (715yen)Decanter 1,980yen(2,178yen) Bottle 3,500yen(3,850yen)
(red) Montepulciano d’Abruzzo from Italy Bottle 4,300yen(4,730yen)
(red) From farm mass A19 from Italy Bottle 6,980yen(7,678yen)
(white) From farm mass A19 from Italy※Sparkling wine Bottle 3,350yen(3,685yen)

Uneshu (plum wine on the rocks) 500yen(550yen)
La tomato (tomato liqueur the rocks) 520yen(572yen)

Split material

Ume-Plum 180yen(198yen)
Lemon(1/2 Cutyen) 180yen(198yen)
Mineral water (no gas) 250yen(275yen)
Sparkring water 300yen(330yen)
Oolong tea ・ Green tea Decanter 550yen(605yen)
Rock ice 180yen(198yen)

Soft Drinks

Green tea 320yen(352yen)
Oolong tea 350yen(385yen)
Ginger ale 350yen(385yen)
Coke 320yen(352yen)
Orange juice 320yen(352yen)
Apple juice 320yen(352yen)